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Party City in Huntington Park is a Halloween store that sells everything from Halloween costumes to animated props, children's costumes and Halloween decorations. Party City is the largest and most popular Halloween costume store in the city, with more than 1,000 costumes. The corridors are organized in such a way that everything is easy to find and easy to reach.

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Huntington Park, Calif., has two interwoven state beaches, Huntington State Beach and Bolsa Chica State Beach, in Huntington Park in Huntington Beach, CA. Huntington State Beach is two miles from Beach Boulevard to the south and Huntington, Bolosa and Chico State beaches to the north.

Beaches in the state include the 114-acre Huntington Beach wetlands, operated by the Department of Fish and Game, and Bolsa Chica State Beach, a state park.

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In 1910, the city's founder, Henry Huntington, hired Hawaii-born surfer Duke Kahanamoku to demonstrate Huntington's ability to ride waves on long wooden boards. Surfing became widespread in the early 1960s and the sport became more popular when Hawaii's "Duke" Khanahamokos surfed on Huntington Beach Pier in 1925. Surfboards became shorter, lighter and more manoeuvrable, curling and cork tapping machines became wind turbines, colourful plastic discs were produced in solar module factories.

Once a retail outlet in Huntington Park, it has since been renamed California 2 Theatres and is now part of the Huntington Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau (HBCB). Many shops offer a limited range of party goods, but you can't buy products anywhere else. Party Supplies specializes in party supplies in Party City Huntington Park, and although they also make Halloween merchandise, many of the products they sell are exclusive to Party City and cannot be purchased elsewhere.

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More About Huntington Park